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Thunderbird clarifications


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Can you clarify the class placements for Thunderbirds? The new rules list "T-bird" in TTE and "Thunderbird" in TTF but no other clarifications as to model years, engine sizes, superchargers, etc.


I've got an AI / TT Thunderbird in OH/IN next year and I need to understand the rules intent.


What goes where?

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There was actually no change made to the classification of Thunderbirds from the original 2004 rules. It looks like when the NASA-X guys revised the rules in March 2004, the 2002 accidentally got dropped off of the TTE T-bird. I never noticed it, and it got transcribed that way to the 2005 rules. We haven't had any T-birds run with us yet.


So, the way it should read is for: 2002+ Thunderbirds--TTE, and other Thunderbirds in TTF.


(Let me know if you think we need to make any changes.)

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If the base Thunderbird (older styles) is TTF, those cars had V6's, V8's and supercharged V6's (and the late 80's had turbocharged 4's).


I think base V6 models are fine at TTF, but V8's and super/turbo cars should have one (or maybe two) asterisks applied due to higher HP and better HP/wt ratios.

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