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Reserved Number List?


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I'm not sure who to contact, but I'm planning on running HC later this year. I'm trying to coordinate running with the SCCA as well and am in search of a car number that I can use for both.


Is there a listing of numbers available or numbers already taken?


Oh, and I'm planning on running with in the VA/Northeast area.



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As far as ECHC numbers go, check this out: http://www.honda-challenge.com/drivers/reserved_numbers.php


This page will be updated in a few days to reflect those numbers which are already taken for 2005 as they will be returning racers from 2004. The big kicker with the ECHC is that HU & H1 (& possibly H2 in 2005) will run with the big bore group and H3-H5 will either run with the Porsche 944 Cup as they did in 2004 or may run with another run group. In other words, there isn't a specific HC rungroup, so numbers have to be worked out with other series so there aren't any conflicts in numbers. I know that this is a pain, but is something that all of us ECHC newcomers are dealing with. Feel free to contact John W. about this if you need further help.

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