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Paint job.... DONE!!!


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You guys may be tired of seeing pix of this car.... but here's more.


We ended up taking it over to a friends machine shed outside of Quincy for a place to paint. We made a make-shift paint booth out of plastic. The only big problem was the lack of ventilation... so we had to open the doors every once in a while.... which resulted in some dirt in the paint. But hey... it's a race car so I really don't care much.


We started with the GM factory color of Dark Grey Green Metalic and added a little extra green to the mix... I think it came out pretty good.





Check out this paint fog!!!... this is why we had to open the doors a few times.










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Looks great! You have got to put four seats in that thing and give rides! AI have any rules against that?


Great idea... I should have left the "cage" that separated the back seat from the front!!! I can't get seats in the back now becasue of the rear cage bars... but there's plenty of room for bodies... uh... i mean people... in the trunk


How cool would that be to see a cop car chasing racecars around the racetrack!

It seems that everyone thinks this is a cool idea. So, here's what I'll do... If we ever have a film crew... I'll get some tempory vinyl cop decals and a strap-on light bar... and will do a film shoot !!!!


The side will read NASA POLICE..... To Protect and Serve... Your Need for Speed

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...did I forget to mention I have a customer with a supercharged 383ci Impala that exact same color? Strangely enough it also has gaudy dubs, a HUGE stereo, a funny smell (race gas?), and the guy always pays his bill in cash...


...all 5's, 10's and 20's of course. Make your own conclusions.


I can't wait to run from you on track this year.

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The SS is looking awesome! I can't wait to hear the exploits of that thing as it terrorizes the midwest. You aren't going to have to worry about anyone punting you out of the way!


Funny one of my buddies "donated" a really nice Super Gas car to Niagara County DARE program. It has a similar bunper sticker on it now.

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Whoa.....so cool! I totally cannot wait to see that in person. I guess I'll have to settle for action pics for a bit, but whatever! That is soooo cooool.


Awesome paint color. The cop car has been done out here in HPDE (Mustang), and while it's cool the first time, it's kinda lame over and over again, I think. At least the guy is fast. It's really fun to chase him down.


Good job!


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