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TT Rules 2005--Upper Class Compression FIX

Greg G.

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Within the next 2 weeks, there will be a significant change to the new TT rules that will effect the upper classes (TTB, TTA, ???--hint). The new 2005 rules are much better than the 2004 rules for road course events, and getting rid of the loopholes that were going to be exploited in 2005. But, a lot of us are recognizing that there needs to be a little more tweaking to the rules because of the "class compression" that is occurring at the higher class levels. We are working to address this right now to help reach our TT goals of having a fun and fair competition with classes that are as equal as possible. So, if you are one of the drivers that got moved up to TTB or TTA based on the new rules, hang on, there are a few more changes coming that should help you out. NASA administration has approved the conceptual changes already, we just need to finish with the final application of them.

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That sounds great! With the right modification made to my car I got bumped up 2-3 Classes! With the new rules the points added up so much faster.

I would suggest expand the amount of points needed to bump up classes, expand the amount of points to bump up more than 1 class, or look more at changes to hp/lbs ratio. We have scales at all of the events and we should know what a stock vehicle weighs. Some events we have dyno available or maybe the car owner has a dyno sheet.


Jason Lakomiak

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