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Paint and graphics for 2005

Tim Comeau

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Hey racers!

Take a second and go to this page to see some great looking 944 race cars.

Sean Steele is getting his new 944 painted bright orange this weekend.

I just had a set of phonies painted gold for my red car with its gold trim. They look fantastic and should look professionally bitchin' on the car!



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I think the gulf color scheme may have been done before.

Why don't you go with something more modern. Like,...........flames?

Sheeesh! Come up with something original.

Vinyl is pretty cheap compared to paint. Please, no more frickin' polka dots. Look at the Aussie cars. Some of them are simple 3 color cars, but cool as hell.


Eric, I could take or leave the diamond plate thing, but please keep that really neat shade of blue!

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No gulf blue and orange!



found one of my old Porsche Hot Wheels cars when cleaning up the garage....going to stay with the German Flag Colors and those of the dealership (Uberklasse)


Car will be repainted silver and then I will do the 3 color graphics in red, black and yellow. It will look a lot like my black car now except have a silver base. The wave-like pattern will go down both side from fender to rear and then I will put the Uberklasse logo on the hood.

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Yeah I did that too, covered the old landlords car with spray mist. Was blowing out white snot for days! but another option. Except for the RSI of the hands and forearm!



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For Race Paint, get in touch with Sean at Autobahn. He also distributes Endura, which is very high quality industrial paint that is made to withstand brutally tough situations...perfect for race cars. He also has a couple people who know how to shoot it well, so he could really help you out if considering painting.



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Well... now all I need to do is bolt a bunch of parts on it and she will be ready.




1. Quick release steering hub? What brand and from who?

2. Paragon for all the suspension? I have the sway bars.

3. Brake pads... hawks?










Autobah n Dismantling inc.


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Good eye! If you mean attaching to the body at the A & B pillars, that's legal for 2005. It was judged to be much more beneficial from a safety standpoint than a performance advantage that would add cost to the cars. It is optional. It's also legal in the POC rules.

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