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doc stang

how's this for a tow vehicle?

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doc stang

2003, F-350, 4x4, with the 6.0l turbo diesel?

4 door crew cab, lariat trim with leather, loaded (or nearly so),


2 owners,

current owner has had for 2.5 years, and ~40k of the ~125k miles.

no problems reported.


asking $17k negotiable.

selling because they are downsizing their horse-related endeavors.



here's the fly in the ointment:

a buddy with an 2008 or 2009 F-250 King Ranch, and a handful of intake, exhaust, and tune mods.

(so i guess he knows what he is talking about), says :

Avoid the 6.0L like it has Ebola virus! It went into 2003 through 2007 models. The 7.3L was before that. The 7.3 was a great engine. The 6.0 makes for a pretty good boat anchor. The 2008 - 2010 6.4L is the best so far.


current owner's wife, says that they researched it, and learned that if teh engine was gonna be a lemon, it would have declared itself before the ~80k mile mark, at which they purchased it.


so shouuld i keep considering this vehicle, or move on to something a year older, an 08 or newer, or a dodge?




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