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non-NASA enduro in Louisiana - July 30/31


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might be interesting to a few of you that have that weekend off - I know all the Texas guys will be at TWS but the rest of you might be interested


# Event Name Louisiana 400 Race & Practice (Multi-Event) REGISTER

# View Roster

Club Circuit at Grand Bayou

Registrar [email protected]

Location Circuit Grand Bayou

Event Dates 07/30/10 - 07/31/10

Registration Opens 05/05/10 (12:00pm central) (members) , 05/05/10 (all) , 07/26/10 (closes)

Description Race begins at 3:30 PM and will end under the lights when the leader completes a total of 222 laps / 400 miles.


Race is open to all classes of GCRS, SCCA, PCA and NASA cars with current log book.


All Drivers must have a current valid racing license.


Cars must have AMB transponders to be scored.


There is a limited number of rental units available.


On Race day the gate opens at 8:00 AM


Open Practice from 10:00 - 11:30 AM


Single car hot lap qualifying starts at noon.


Race Entry Fee is $350 for car entry and 3 Drivers.


Fee for additional Drivers will be $50 each.


Teams must consist of at least 3 Drivers and no more than 6.


Cars must have working head lights, tail lights and brake lights (factory or equivalent).


Cars must complete the Tech Inspection process before noon on Race day.


Re-fueling will take place in the designated fueling area only.


Any fueling done other than in the fueling area will cause the team to be penalized.


On Practice day the gate opens at 5:00 PM


Open Practice from 6:00 - 10:00 PM


Practice fees are $50 per car and $10 per Driver


Garage Stalls are available for rent.


Event T Shirts cost $18 each.


Overnight camping will be allowed Friday and Saturday nights.


18 RV Hook Ups are available for rent upon request.


Two Day Event Pass (spectator or crew) is $15


One Day Event Pass (spectator or crew) is $10


Children 12 years old and younger are admitted at no charge.


There is a separate waiver for minors.


Your assistance with this will help move everyone thru the gate faster.


Your payment for Registration Fee must be received before registration closes to avoid paying the "at track" price.


Drivers added to your team can be registered and paid at track at pre-event price.


Registration is open thru 7/25/10.


Save money by registering and getting your payment in before registration closes.


You will not be able to register online after midnight on 7/25/10.

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I'll ping the guy that sent me the info (another MR2 racer - his is kinda fast though ) to get him over here to help me answer stuff

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Sorry for the delays I've been quite busy these days.


This track is the former No Problem Raceway, which is now under new ownership and has been rebranded as The Circuit at Grand Bayou. (http://www.noproblemraceway.com http://www.circuitgrandbayou.com). We are currently clearing land for a brand-new track and you can read more about that on the site.


My MR2 is the local GT2 class champion car with 266 whp and 2300 lbs and runs 1:19.001 on it's fastest around this track (on hoosier radial GT tires). Spec Miatas go 1:25's average and Porsche Cup cars go 1:15.xx to give an idea of what the track is like. I believe headlights of some sort will be required for this event.


Video of one of my earlier races: http://www.youtube.com/user/harrisracing#p/u/7/j3idWXjzaV8


I would estimate the event to be less than 6 hours of driving (that's estimating 1:30 laps).


Reason why pictures are of other tracks is because lots of our local racers race NASA, BMW, PCA, and SCCA races...so it's more just pictures of their cars.


We would love for some fresh competition to show up for this event. Please don't hesitate to email to ask for more information. dementedmotorsports @t gmail dot com




Patrick Harris

#22 GT2 Toyota MR2 Turbo

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I drove on this track at the May 1-2 Lemons race and here is my assessment:


1. Track surface is like chip and tar, its quite ruff and hard on tires. Make that very hard on tires. Bring two sets.

2. Very tight track, much like the old Little Talladega in Birmingham. Not much excitment beyond turn 1 flatout and the backstraight.

3. There is nothing around. And I mean nothing. The closest restaurant is 15m away, its a waffle house and a McDs. Thats it. Sugarcane and refineries.



1. Track Mgt is awesome. Great group of folks, very friendly. There is even a 6ft gator that lives at the track

2. You can run in the Drags on Sat night, all you need is a helmet and $20

3. Very easy track to learn. Only two corners will elude most for the first day.

4. Except for the front straight/drag strip, there are no walls..

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Thanks for the kind words...I'm sure our management will be proud when I tell them what a 3rd party outsider thought of their manner.


I also wanted to post that we are building a completely new track and facility out there. Lots of people invested LOTS of money into the new track and it will be world class. Ground is broken, and land is currently being cleared and we can expect a FAR nicer surface to run on in probably a year!


The surface and tire wear is BY FAR our biggest complaint as well. I run on used hoosier GT radials to save costs because i know the track eats tires.



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