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Adam Ginsberg

NASA 2-3 August Event Update!!

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Adam Ginsberg

Only 1 more week before the green flag drops for the NASA Texas AI/CMC races August 2nd & 3rd. If you plan to enter this event in the school or race group and have not registered, now is the "11th hour". To date we have the following 9 competitors running Mustangs (where are the Camaros?)...a good "teaser" for what is to come in 2004!!


Todd Covini (CMC)

Adam Ginsberg (Comp. Lic.School/ CMC)*

Eric Varner (Comp. Lic.School/ CMC)*

Tim LaPlante (CMC)


Mike Bell (AI)

John George (Comp. Lic School/AI)*

Chad White (Comp. Lic School/AI)*

Richard Pedersen (Comp. Lic. School/ AI)*

Monroe Roden (AIXX)


*Those in "Competition School" will follow the NASA competition licensing group schedule for Saturday. I will work with NASA and your instructors to try and join the race group on Sunday on a provisional basis. Those school group folks wanting to race with AI/CMC should have all competition safety gear and an "R" on their cars per the NASA rules.


Our goal for the future is to consistently bring 20 car race grids so that NASA will provide us with our own run group.


Consider this interesting fact - the last Texas AI/CMC race was held March 2003. There was 1 fully legal AI car running, and no CMC cars. Fast forward to our August event - there are 9 confirmed entries, with the possiblity of a few last minute ones. We are growing!


Many more racecars being built for the series as we speak...check out http://www.mustangracing.com/mach1racer.html for 2 more AI cars out of Tulsa on the way for the 2004 racing season. They have already tested at Hallett and should prove to be heavy competition.



~1200 Friday- 5+ of us will meet at the RPM dyno in Lewisville to obtain dyno certs. Anyone is welcome. Please contact Adam ASAP if you wish to have your car dyno'd that day.


~1500 Friday- "Dyno Caravan" arrives at MSR to unload cars & register (NASA TX plans to begin track setup ~1200).


~1600-2000- Pre-Registration/wrist-bands/ tech insp/ logbook issuance/ decals available/ still waiting to hear back from MSR about Friday testing price & availability.



TBD- We will report back with run group schedules and pit area location from NASA. Typically race group practice is first session in the AM...NASA drivers meeting mid-morning... We will have a separate short AI/CMC driver meeting in the AI/CMC pits both Sat & Sun morning & afternoon. Mike Bell's motorhome will be "AI/CMC Central"...look for the NASA banner!


Plans are for an on-track AI/CMC photo shoot (all 9+ AI/CMC cars) with Hart photography Saturday during the lunch break. Have your lunch eaten and your cars shined to accomodate this noon-time activity.


Speaking of food...Saturday night, NASA hosts an evening BBQ free of charge. Hang around after the race day to eat and drink a few cold ones with the guys you passed (and the few that passed you!)


John Lindsey of NASA HQ and AIX Championship fame from the West Coast is flying in on Friday 1 August to assist with our efforts. He will be available to answer any additional questions on Friday/Saturday. We will use the various web-forums to communicate further updates as they are available.


As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns!!!


Todd Covini

NASA Texas

AI & CMC Director

713-758-5249 days

713-252-3465 cell


Adam Ginsberg

NASA Texas

AI/CMC Assistant Director

972.539.6240 - evenings until 10pm CT

214.529.0067 - cell during the day

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