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GTS3 1998 M3


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It kills me to do this, but responsibilities are responsibilities.:rolleyes

1998.5 M3. I have owned this car since 2002. I'm the second owner (since 29k miles) and have all records of service and modifications since I bought it. Converted to a TT car in 2007 (National Champion and track record!). Built out for GTS last year. Maintained by a pro shop (VFC Engineering).

Chassis and drivetrain have 93k miles. Motor is very strong, doesn't leak anything or make any bad sounds (not even lifter tick!). I have a clean Blackstone report from last oil change. Transmission and rear end work perfectly and make no sounds. Again, clean Blackstone reports from recent fluid changes. Body is solid with usual racing wear and tear. Rear end damage from off at Mid-O was pulled and fixed 3 years ago.


GTS3--dynos 248whp/235wtq and weighs 2600 lbs.


Parts list:



Stock 3.2, never opened

AA 3.5' intake

540 HFM

BW elbow

M50 (BW kit)

24lb injectors

Conforti software

AKG poly motor mounts

MCoupe radiator/Spal Fan

VDP oil cooler and cap

Raceland headers

Custom 3' exhaust (Borla muffler)

UUC ltw flywheel and M5 clutch (no slipping)

Short shift kit

All stock transmission and rear drive



TCK D/A coilovers

TCK Camber plates

Racing Dynamics bars

All metal bushings/bearings (TMS and BW)

Reinforced front subframe, rear pockets and rear sway bar tabs

Stock calipers/rotors

BW brake cooling ducts

2 sets of Kosei wheels

1 set of rims for rains


Body and aero:

CF hood

CF sunroof

Lexan 1/4 windows

LTW wing with risers (ebay)

Max Velocity Evo I track splitter



8pt cage with NASCAR bars built by Izzy's Custom Cages

SPA 4L fire system

Schroth right side net

Sabelt 6-pt harnesses



CF hood

OE rotors

SS brake lines

I think that's it. If you see something in the pics not mentioned above, don't assume its included, but please inquire as I may have just forgotten to list it.

This car is a solid and reliable car. I'm sad to see it go.


$23,500 Email: kburkhardt12 at comcast dot com


Updated pics soon, but for now:




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What the wah? Come on, you didn't do that bad at Putnam.


Sorry to see you go, especially since you're a GTSer , good luck with the sale. I hope you plan on coming back in the future...

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We'll get you in a 944 Spec car for 1/2 that. Then you can take care of at least 1/2 of your responsibilities .


Seriously, didn't see this coming - what a bummer!

GLWS in any case - it is a great car!

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No one said it was an easy decision. I'm just trying to keep my racing options open--maybe explore another project.

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No one said it was an easy decision. I'm just trying to keep my racing options open--maybe explore another project.


Gotcha. Well good luck with the sale! Cheers.

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