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22/23 May 2010 WSIR Event entry list

Adam Ginsberg

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John Wheeler Racing

Ryan Walton Racing

Bryan MacMillan Racing



Paul Brown Racing

Dave Martis Racing



Derek Tisinger Racing

Don Lariviere Racing



Ron Klamecki Racing

Team Life's Good Racing! Racing

Nick Steel Racing


Sorry folks, but I'm unable to make this event. Work travel has taken me away from home every week since the beginning of April, and isn't going to stop until 18 June.


Nick is the "Large and In-Charge" dude for the WSIR event. Have fun, be safe, and race hard!

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So, how did the WSIR party go down? Looking at mylaps.com, seems that John was turning 1:30s all weekend, while Ryan and Bryan were turning 1:34s on Saturday and 1:37s on Sunday. Glad to see you bringing home the Ws with the F-Body John, but where'd the time come from? Then again, looks like Walton was running 31's back in May '08 and Wheeler was running 33's, so I can see John finding two to three seconds with the lighter engine and aero improvements, especially at Willow Springs.


Looks like in AIX Paul broke in the race on Saturday and didn't run on Sunday. Seems that Martis didn't take to the track. Side note: when I saw Dave's car the first time at Cal Speedway I thought it was really well engineered and was thoroughly impressed. It's a bummer that it doesn't finish that frequently.


I'd hoped to be out there this weekend in the wife's car, but it just didn't happen, and the M Coupe purchase sucked up most of the liquid money. Oh yeah, and I didn't send out the shocks to get re-valved. Bummer, since I love Willow Springs and it really suits the AI cars.


Jason <-- Maybe Buttonwillow in the Fall.

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Walton had an engine miss on Sat, fixed on Sun and than rip the splitter off. McMillan never found any grip. Walton and me were sporting fresh motors.


The speed comes from chassis setup, it's nice to work on the car more than a day out of the month.


Infineon is going to be great, Ryan and Brian will be very fast and hard to beat.

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