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Need some tire help from the pros


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I need to get some new tires for my fox body. I have been using Hoosier scrubs, 245/45/17. But I am not sure if I can get another set from my supply guy by my next event, so I am cosidering a couple different options and would like to get some feed back on the following tires, as well as some specific questions answered.


1st. Toyo RA1. How do these perform in the dry with full tread, or should they be shaved if I go this route.


2nd. Nitto NT01. These would cost me about $200 more for a set, but do not need to be shaved, so may be the better choice if I have to get the RA1s shaved.


3rd. Yokohama G19. I can get a good deal on a full tread, scrub, set of these. I can not find anything on the net about them, but the seller told me these are full, non DOT, slicks. He is also leading me to believe that these will perform better than the Koni Challenge scrubs I have been using. Anybody know much about these tires and how much life I can expect out of a set? These also would be the cheapest of my options, but are still over $400.


The final question. How would the the Toyos and Nitto compare in grip and track life to one another, as well as to the Hoosier scrubs I have been using? I know tire life can vary per driver, so to give you an idea, I typically can get 3-4 weekends out of a set of good Hoosier scrubs.


BTW, rain use is not part of the equation for these, I have a seperate set of rain tires.

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Disclaimer - I'm no pro

Shave the RA1s to 3-4/32 for dry track use.

NT01 > RA1s in terms of grip, even when RA1s are shaved

New Hoosiers > RA1s and perhaps the NT01.

Hoosier scrubs still slightly > RA1s, but likely less than new NT01s

NT01 > Hoosiers in terms of life and consistency of grip


I don't know anything about the Yokos

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