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1999 10AE Miata Turbo for sale


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Description: Model: 1999 Mazda Miata 10th Anniversary Edition (#1391), 2 seat convertible

Drive: 1.8L 4 cylinder engine, 6-speed manual transmission

Mileage: 53994 miles

Color: 10AE blue

VIN: JM1NB3531X0128844

Modifications: Extensive, listed below

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Asking: $9,500


For more information and high resolution pictures, please visit our website at http://www.aimtuning.com.


For sale: a well-cared for, modest mileage, two-owner 1999 “10AE” Mazda Miata. This car has extensive performance and safety modifications that make it an excellent street-legal track-day car. This car has never been in an accident, flood, or any other damaging event. It has been a fair weather and occasional track-day (“high performance drivers education” -- no actual racing) car. It has a total of 21 track days, mostly with intermediate and advanced run groups; and was never used for autocross).


This car has been garage-parked since new. During the winter seasons, It was driven only occasionally (2-4 times per month), and only when the roads were clear and dry. There is a small (dime-sized) dent in the passenger door (no sharp crease or paint damage), and a crack in the driver-side taillight. The paint condition is typical for a car with this low mileage. This car has successfully passed every inspection.


The modifications address the major areas when considering Miata performance: engine output (intercooled turbo, ECU, clutch, exhaust), engine cooling (aluminum radiator, high output fans, oil cooler), suspension (custom coilover setup), and safety (four-point rollbar and harnesses). Several stock items have been removed (some of which can be included if you would like to re-install): air conditioning, stereo, and cruise control. Detailed maintenance and tuning records are available.


A laptop computer in sad -- but working -- condition (the screen is cracked) is included with the car for use with the TEC-2.


If you desire an fast, well-mannered street car that is also capable of jaw-dropping quick laps at the track and non-stop grins either place, this is it.


A list of the major modifications follows. Please contact us if you would like more information or would like to see the car. Thank you for your interest.


Engine (1.8L 4 cylinder):


- AVO turbo (Garrett GT2560R, ball bearing, oil-fed, water cooled)

- AVO front-mounted air/air intercooler

- AVO recirculating blow-off valve

- Electromotive Tec-II ECU (parallel install)

- RC Engineering 550cc/min fuel injectors

- LM-1 wideband O2

- GReddy Profec B boost controller (plumbed before throttle for greater efficiency)

- Flyin’ Miata aluminum “race” radiator

- SPAL cooling fans

- Mocal oil cooler, sandwich plate adapter and 180 deg. thermostat, Aeroquip braided hoses and fittings (-10AN)

- MazdaSpeed motor mounts

- Vishnu dual-feed fuel rail, Marren Pro Fuel Damper, Aeroquip hose and fittings (-6AN)

- Output: 190 ft-lbs/220 rwhp @8.5 psi boost (uncorrected, near sea level DynoJet)




- 6-Speed manual transmission

- Torsen LSD

- ACT ZM2-XTSS clutch and Fidenza flywheel (Flyin' Miata "happy meal")

- Mazda 3.636 ring and pinion gears (replaced stock 3.909 gear set and greatly improves the gearing)


Exhaust (all 2.5”):


- AVO ceramic coated exhaust manifold and downpipe

- Flyin’ Miata mid-pipe with Metal’Cat 200 cell high flow cat

- Flyin’ Miata “turbo dual” exhaust




- Bilstein PSS9 coilovers (adjustable height and damping) with custom springs (457 lbf/in front, 343 lbf/in rear) and revalved shocks

- Racing Beat 1.125" tubular front sway bar

- 11mm solid rear sway bar




- Westach dual Boost / AFR (with AFR mapped to Innovate LM-1 WBO2 sensor/controller)

- Westach oil pressure (actual, real pressure)

- Westach EGT

- Westach dual oil temp & water temp

- Stewart Warner Ultra combination Tachometer and Shift Light

- Link knock monitor


Interior / Safety:


- Willans cam-lock 3” 6-pt harnesses (easy clip-in for track day use)

- Hard Dog Hard Core dual diagonal rollbar

- RAID 340mm airbag steering wheel, Type 2

- Brainstorm leather arm rest (blue)

- Brainstrom leather door pulls (blue)

- Alarm with remote fob(s)




- Mazda chrome fuel door


Other (some original stock parts included in price):


- Removed stock air conditioning, cruise control, and stereo

- Replaced power steering with a manual steering rack

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