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question. Why is toe measured 16th's?


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why this fuzzy math? 1/16 referenced by diameter of wheel..


why not just measure in degrees? degrees is absolute, is universal, does not depend on rims.

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Because we can measure these with toe plates at the track. Degrees would involve trigonometry. Blech.


I've see it recorded in MM, if you're metric - minded


Next question:


Why is wheel with in MM, but rim diameter in inches (and don't tell me it's because TRX's were crappy tires)?

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hehe yea tire size is in millimeters / profile% / inches


but i'm take 205mm/55/16inches and 225mm/50/16inches, over 8 5/64 inches/55/16 inches and 8 and 55/64 inches/50/16inches

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