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4 315 Kuhmo Ecsta V710's on 17x11 ZR1 Replicas, 50mm offsets


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I have not had a chance to clean the brake dust off the wheels nor take current pictures but I will try to this week (if someone deems it necessary).


I bought these wheels and tires for my 97 Trans Am last Sept from a C4 owner and after getting them to fit, I took these pictures:



I traded the TA for another car last Wednesday and these wouldn't fit my new car (I really was hoping that they would fit.)


They have two wet track days and two dry track days on them (I didn't run every session at any of these track days) but have shown little wear possibly because they are relatively old. (I will check the build date when I get home tonight.) When I stored them over the winter, I treated them with Formula V Traction Treatment and sealed them in black garbage bags in my basement.


One wheel has a little damage where the previous owner didn't tighten the lugs and then went on the track for a session. It wasn't enough to bother me and (obviously) these have been track-tested and didn't fail or have any issues.


In order to fit the TA, they required a 0.375" spacer on the front and a 0.500" spacer on the rear (plus a little work in the rear with a 3" pnuematic cutting tool and a 5lb sledge). Note that the TA had the LS1 front brakes and spindles.


I will throw in the spacers as part of the deal if the buyer wants them.


I think $700 plus shipping is a fair price.


IMO, this was a very good mod to the old girl. Dollar for dollar, one of the better mods that I have made over the years.


If you have any questions, just ask.

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