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Nasa NE American Iron NJMP Lightning May race results/videos

Al Watson

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Round 2 of the northeast AI series. Another good weekend for some, not so good for others.



In AI Honczarenko and Mohr had a great battle going for first in saturdays race as they passed Watson who qualified on the pole but settled in third with mechanical issues, Honczarenko took the win. Hartmann and Lownick both had good runs mid pack. Prato spun the mustang and lost some ground while McNerney's firebird started to overheat towards the end of the race. In AIX Parrot and Halinan ran well in thier camaro and mustang.


Sat Qualifying: Sat Race:

AI Al Watson 1:15.170 Honczarenko 1:15.104

Todd Honczarenko 1:15.377 Mohr 1:14.987

Scott Mohr 1:15.771 Watson 1:15.142

Ray Prato 1:18.742 Hartmann 1:18.391

Bill McNerney 1:19.303 Lownick 1:20.428

AJ Hartmann 1:19.412 Prato 1:17.347

John Lownick 1:20.853 McNerney 1:18.384


AIX Jake Parrott 1:14.915 Halinan 1:17.830

Bill Halinan 1:17.628 Parrott 1:13.608



Sun Qualifying: Sun Race:

AI Honczarenko 1:14.666 Honczarenko 1:14.823

Hartmann 1:18.804 Hartmann 1:18.413


AIX Mohr 1:13.978 Parrott 1:12.060

Parrott 1:14.049 Mohr 1:14.209


Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/302blown

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Yeah, Baby!


Now we all have to get our cars in shape for the next event. I have a baby on the way, so I'll be back in a few months for my next event!


See ya at the track!



Some quick and dirty highlight editing of Saturday's race.

Part 2 (I was running out of fuel towards end of race, so you may not hear the engine at times, but don't worry, everything's fine.....)


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I already cant wait for pocono. good luck with the new addition to the family todd!


I had so much fun that weekend, now just have to make my car quicker.

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