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BMW E64 M6 vert rollover protection


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My coworker has a M6 convertible and wants to do HPDE. First thing I thought of was rollbar on a convertible. But apparently nobody makes rollbars for that car. Did some research and it looks like it has rollover protection system built in. The kind that pops out hoops out of the seat. Does the OEM rollover protection allow him to track the car? Or is a solid hard loop required?



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Not sure about that particular model, but if his head with a helmet on is above the oem rollover protection he needs some other rollover protection.


NASA may say its ok, but the Track you are running at may say No.


Send an email to the chief scrutineer in your region.

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yeah this one will take some coordination with the Tech guy in your region, possibly the the Regional Director, and maybe even someone at the Nat'l Office.


even after that you then need to make sure you meet the track's requirements


'verts are a pain to deal with - call Hertz or something and rent a low power FWD pos and flog it instead, it'll teach you more in HPDE1 than the M6 will anyway

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You have to check with your region and thier tech guys. They know every tracks requirements.

If a broomstick from the factory roll bar to the top of the windshield is less than 2" from the top of his helmet he probably will have problems no matter what.

He could have a custom roll bar put in.

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