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Roll cage questions for the scruts


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I'm cutting the cage from the former Lightning McQueen/Frankencar to use in the new tub and have a few questions for the install. I have read the regulations but want to check before we make some changes.


1. I am assuming that sleeving is allowed. I would want to do an internal sleeve for appearance sake. The sleeve length will be at least twice the width of the tube diameter, holes will be drilled and then plug welded. The main hoop will not be sleeved, it will be one piece.


2. My cage is much bigger than required (1.75x0.120 when it could be 1.50x0.095). This was done because I originally just had a roll bar for DE. When the cage was installed the builder stayed with the larger tubing. However, in my reading of the rules, it appears that you could mix tubing size as long as you meet the requirements; is that correct? I would like to remake the door bars with 1.50x0.120, it that allowed? I will keep the forward hoops the same as the main hoop because PCA requires it.


Sound OK.


Car runs in GTS.

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