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bare chassis biw s197 05/09 $2950


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very hard to get like this . non e-coated car comes with doors and trunk lid. no fenders or hood.


this is a ford racing biw non vin car " can't be used for the street" I have one car I'm building now and another getting a cage installed. one more sitting outside. I Really don't have the room for this car and my wife is a little tired of cars sitting in the driveway under a cover.


you can't get theses anymore. I will deliver for the right price. I will also consider building this car for someone in any stage or form.


paypal is ok as long as you cover the fees.






what we can build






[email protected]

Cincinnati Ohio 45140






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we are starting a cage in this and will be available for sale at any stage of the build or for rent when completed . rental will be 2011 season in the great lakes region

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I am curious where you got the fender badges and the Shelby dash plaque? From a salvaged Shelby GT? If so can you PM me the CSM #?


yes and your about the 1000th person that has emailed me about that plaque. I have no clue what the number was.

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