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'94-97 SM rules updates?


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Not sure if this has been covered or not, but is NASA going to allow the 4.30 diff in the 94-97 cars? How about the adjustable 1.6 front sway bar in '94-97 cars?

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still waiting on the rules to come out, they should be in the finalization stages already. I know when I talked to our National SM director he'd hoped to have them out before Thanksgiving, which is now, so I would assume they'll be out really soon.

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Okay, thanks for the patience. Prepping & running a team for the 25hr was more than I ever anticipated. Back to reality...


NASA will remain very close to SCCA for the 2011 season with no major changes. So down with your wrenches and credit-cards.


- NASA will mirror the open Fuel Pressure and open Timing.

- ECU mods, Sway bars and Diffs will remain as is.

- NASA is confirming plates & weights with some testing.

- The 2011 rules will be officially released on or prior to December 19th.


Again sorry for the delay, my bad not NASA's.

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