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FS: Chase Cam Video Recorder w/AutoStart, SOLD


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Now At Reduced Price . . .






Chase Cam DVR and Bullet Cam System


The digital video recorder designed for motorsports!

Everything you need to get started.


New Feature: AUTO-RECORD!

Developed for the SPEED World Challenge series, utilizing new Supercaps

capacitors and G-Force Module to automatically record an entire

weekend of racing, without pushing a button! Here's how it works:


1) The PDR100 will power on as soon as it receives power.

2) The G-Force Module will trigger the PDR100 to begin recording once it

senses vehicle motion. You set the sensitivity.

3) The G-Force Module will trigger the PDR100 to stop recording after it

senses no motion for a period of time (user set).

4) The Supercaps will power down the PDR100 approx 5 seconds after

wired power is terminated.


Kit Includes:

-PDR100 Solid State Video Recorder with Supercaps

-BulletCam System, 520+ lines

-Camera Mount (Roll Bar Clamp)

-Standard Cradle camera mount

-4GB Compact Flash Card

-Camera extension cable

-Cigarrette Lighter Adapter




Sell: - SOLD -




16GB Compact Flash Card to record 2-3 weekends






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