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FS: 1987 BMW 325 in Chicago for HPDEs


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Model: 1987 325

Mileage: 106k

Location: Chicago, IL


The car was built as a dedicated track car by the prior two owners. It was purchased for that purpose with a salvage title due to right front end damage that did not effect anything behind the strut tower. I have owned it for two years, and it has needed very little other than fluids/consumables and a few minor things. It's licensed in Illinois, and I drive it to and from the track.



- Stock engine internals

- 4.10 LSD

- Mark D chip

- Unknown CAI with K&N and heat shield

- Straight exhaust with single canister



Ground Control coilover kit

- Front: Stock Boges with 450# Eibachs

- Rear: Bilstein Sports with 600# Eibachs

The front struts were a band-aid measure that I ended up running all last year. The car is light enough that they're not totally overwhelmed by the springs. The passenger side strut is starting to seep a little though).

- Unknown (blue) sway bars front and rear

- Sparco front strut bar

- Power steering has been deleted



- 3 Kosei K-1s with Hankook Ventus RS-2s with decent life left.

- 4 Kosei K-1s with shot BFG R1 r-comps

- 4 basketweaves with BFG(?) all-seasons with a ton of life



- Hawk HT-10s front and back. Fronts have one day on them, rears have four or five but have a ton of meat left.

- Needs front rotors before first track day but fine to drive home

- Rear rotors are great and have no lip

- New rubber brake lines done at the beginning of last summer



- Dark blue (Lapisblau)

- Paint is in decent shape... for a track car. It's not embarrassing in the paddock and there is nothing more than very minor surface rust in places that I don't worry about (jacking points are scratched from PO not padding his jack, etc.).

- Much of the sound deadening has been removed

- Front bumper replaced with unknown, plastic E46-look



- Custom, welded four-point roll bar

- Gutted interior but stock dash remains

- Sparco Evo driver seat with Schroth six-point harnesses

- E21 vinyl passenger seat with G-Force five-points

- Unknown leather steering wheel

- Momo aluminum shift knob

- Aluminum door panels

- Electric windows intact

- No heater core


I'd like to get $4,000OBO.

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