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Anyone have experience with Pro Line Trailers?


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I have passively started shopping for an enclosed trailer. I have come across a place that makes trailers called Pro Line. The specs are good, the options are decent and they are excellent on the price point. The last time I bought a trailer, I bought a used, beat up piece and when I was finished refurbishing it, I had as much as a new trailer in it and I am hoping to avoid this experience again. However, the longer it takes to save for a trailer, the longer it takes to make it to an event. (I now have a car but no trailer.)


What I was wondering was if anyone has had some time on the road with one of these and if so, what has been your experience.


Please post positive posts here and if you have something to say but it isn't positive, please send via PM.

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I bought my trailer through Pro-Line in VA on ebay.


Picked it up at the factory in GA. I can't remember the brand but Pro-Line is just a dealer.

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Pricing is awesome but the trailer is bare bones. Spare tire and radial tires are an option if I recall. Before I used it, my uncle used garage floor paint with sand in it on the floor to try to protect it and he painted the walls white. It definitely brightened up the inside for minimal investment. Floors seem good at 3/4" and IIRC the walls are 3/8" plywood. We took an unused countertop from a job and made it into a bench with unistrut and took some old van storage boxes and used them as shelving over the bench.


It has LED tail lights but the marker lights are regular bulbs. Pretty sure I have one marker out already but that's nothing huge. The standard option axles had bearing buddies when I ordered mine, so that was nice.


The trailer has two small interior lights but they only work when hooked up to the truck and the running lights of the truck are on (no battery in trailer).


I'll be at both Mid-Ohio events in July and August, so come by and check it out if you come down.

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Well, the pricing is decent and I suppose I can expect things to be bare bones. I planned to paint the inside white as well so we're on the same path.


I definitely won't make July Mid Ohio but the August event isn't out of the question. I'll chase you down.


Thanks, this was helpful.

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Thought I'd bump this up. Been considering ordering a trailer from these guys, so I did a google search for reviews on them, and this thread popped up!


This is pretty much the trailer I am looking at getting. For $4000 it appears pretty nice and the specs they list sound good. But I suppose looks can always be deceiving - anybody have any first hand experience with them? Supposedly it has a 3-year warranty.




20' Pro-Line Deluxe

$3999.99 Elkhart, IN



(2) Torsion 3500lb Axles

Spring Assist Ramp Door with Ramp Extension

Beaver Tail

7,000lb GVW & Triple Tube Tongue

Electric Brakes on all 4 wheels

48" side door

Roof Vent

78" Interior Height

LED Lighting

Step Well

White Exterior

White Walls and Ceiling

Aluminum Tread Plate Stone Guard

Aluminum Fenders

Uses 2 5/16" ball

7-way Bargman Plug

Breakaway Safety Kit

(4) D-rings Installed in the Floor

12 Volt Dome Interior Light

Wall Switch






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Yeah... I'd never buy an enclosed with 3500lb axles. Spring for 5000lb axles and upsized tires. It spreads the load better and prevents blow-outs. Are those walls insulated? If you plan on sleeping in it you want insulated walls and an AC unit.

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Yes, upsized axles are an option I could spring for, as are tires. My car is around 2700lbs, so it's not like I am hauling a tank of a vehicle around. I've talked to and emailed a salesman there about various additional options, including insulated walls, in case I decide to install an AC unit, which would be pimp! Also considering E-Track, vinyl floor, fluorescent lighting, and front cabinets. We'll see what he comes back with for prices.


I mean, overall, the cost of these guy's trailers is so cheap compared to known brands such as haulmark/well cargo/etc, I was just hoping some other people had dealings with them and could comment on their quality.

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I purchased a used 2010 24' V nose this past December that is a Pro Line. It was a bare bones model with 5200lb axles. I have used it twice on a 5 hour trip to VIR and it worked great. Mine had 1/2" OSB walls that I had to paint cause they were rough as hell. My ceiling is unfinished. I also painted the floor with some kind of Garage floor paint from Lowes, that worked well, considering it is having to stand up to VIR sand.


I would definitely go with a 10,400lb GWR trailer. My 24' weighs just over 3500lbs alone. If I had 3500lb axles I would not have much room for extras since my car weighs 3100lbs.

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Proline sells everything from basic trailers to high end models. It's really all in what you are looking to spend. Make sure you let them know what you are hauling, the miles you are going to put on the trailer, and the weight. That will help them place you in the right models.


They carry used trailers as well



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