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Hallett big bore goodness...video link


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Thanks for posting your Video Kent.

It was great being there even with a broken Engine. The racing is as good as

AI/CMC could ever get. The epic Battle between Pontiac and Chevy at the front of AI was stellar. Congats to my Buddy Tommy for the win and Mike Patterson for such a great race to

watch from the Bitch. I'll bring a indestructable LS1 next year!!!

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Hallett was awesome no matter how you look at it. Congrats to Tommy for winning the AI Summer Shootout and taking home that very cool trophy!! I cant wait to see the rematch between Tommy and Mike P. at Nationals!!

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Grats man !


We'll go at it again in September if my motor lives that long.


I'll rent you the "Tommy Killer" if you're serious about winning.

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The AI battle at Miller will be Epic. Tommy and Mike will have to do battle with the swarm of other cars around them.

It won't be easy...but as we learned at Hallett...the Championship isn't won until the final race on Sunday.

You've got to do well, but survive the qualifying races in order to be in the big show.




Who's going to be the 2010 AI and AIX National Champions???


Time to get that entry list up and betting polls started....


-=- Todd

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