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Buttonwillow Enduro


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I am seriously considering running my Lexus in the upcoming enduro.. I fit in the E1 group, can anyone give me an idea as to the various cars and expected number of entrants for this event.. I did run at the 25hrs with the car, before going out after the 10hr. mark. I guess I will need to get a logbook and any other advise would be helpful.. Looking forward to joining WERC for more events as well..

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Come join us! Loved that LEXUS at the 25hr, until it broke. What let go?

I am bringing my 2002 IS 5spd street car for my Mom to drive in HPDE for her 70th BD.


Here are the results from buttonwillow in April.




My guess is you could expect about the same turnout maybe a few more.

I think you could have E1 in the bag!

See you at the track,


Lynam Racing ES Super TRUCK #66

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Make that +1. At least that's if I can get everything together in time. Does anyone know why this fuel jug is listed as illegal in the enduro supplement:



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We will be there..And looking forward to it.. Ah you saw us at the 25hr.. Yes we had a good run going until the rt. front hub sheared off.. Figured it out and now we are good to go.. Looking forward to meeting some new people and having a good time.. Now only problem is I cant seem to get the online registration to take my info.. Hope the race goes better for us..lol

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Are you also lookin for a driver cause I'm interested I can send you my info and you can also check me out next weekend at cal speedway lmk 408.338.8774



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