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In car fire system


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15.2 Fire System

It is highly recommended that a fire system be installed (required on some cars, as

specified in class rules). An on-board system uses lines routed through the car with a

single actuator to engage in case of emergency. An on-board system shall use Halon

1301, 1211, or Halotron I, hexafluoropropane, HFC-236a, CC0610, FE-36, five (5)

pound minimum, with a minimum of two (2) nozzles (one (1) in cockpit and one (1) in

engine bay) with manual or auto release. Other agents in SFI certified systems are

acceptable. Systems may also use AFFF material (e.g. SPA Lite, ZERO 2000, Coldfire

302) 2.25 liter minimum. If such a system is used, the appropriate atomizing nozzles

shall be used. All AFFF internally pressurized system bottles shall use a working

pressure gauge. All AFFF bottles shall be marked with the recommended “filled weight.”

All system cylinders should be securely mounted with bolts. On-board systems may

also use CEA614 provided that the lines and nozzles are replaced as per the

manufacturer’s (3M) instructions.


I have an aqueous foam system in my CMC car; but it wouldn't hurt for you to talk to the local tech folks either.

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I know 2 SRX7/PTF guys put non SFI ESS systems in their car and were fine with tech this year. I'd email Clifton for an official answer if you were concerned about Nationals.



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