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RMERC - Round #2 - Pikes Peak Raceway - July 3rd


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Round #2 of the RMERC will be Saturday evening at Pikes Peak Raceway on July 3rd.


Important highlights:


$123 entry fee. $23 of that * number of entries goes into the helmet bag. Random finisher will be drawn and gets the whole bag. At our typical 20 entry fields, that is some serious cash.


2 hour sprint enduro from 6pm-8pm. OK, that sounds short, but it's still a bunch of laps on a 1.3mile roval.


We're running the track CW. NASA is the first ever (again) to do it.


Fund raising for the American Cancer Society. At the round #1 event, $1300 was raised. Let's keep that trend rolling.


"All American" BBQ afterward. Hot dogs, Burgers, Baked Beans, Apple Pie and Budweiser.


Both the Track Manager and General Manager of PPIR will be 100+ miles away chasing their SCCA dreams. Hmmm, while the cat is away, the mice will play. July 4th celebration anyone (I love being less than 2 hours from Wyoming)?


Still need a pit crew? Only $30 gets you in on the NASA inspired and created "valet" pit crew service.


And somewhere in there, we have a AI/CMC, 944Spec, HPDE battle of the bands showdown with PS3 Rock Band on the "big screen".

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Class winners


E0 - Team RPM (Robert Prillaka)

E1 - NASA Rocks (Dave Balingit/Lea Croteau)

E3- Team Autobahn (Todd Bellwood)

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