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Question about classification


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I have a 94 civic DX hatchback


If I already have 92-95 Civic SI Hatchback parts installed on this car such as:


Brakes (SI Knuckles,Rotors and Calipers both front and rear)

Engine (D16z6 1.6L SOHC VTEC USDM)

Suspension (front and rear sway bars, control arms and trailing arms)


will I be able to use this car to compete in H4 (as though I had rebuilt an SI with a DX tub), or will I be forced to use this car in H2 since it has "upgraded" brakes and engine that weren't original to the trim level.

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what "SI brakes" are you talking about?


If its the 94 Honda civic SI w/ABS SI then that is fine.


If it is any other "SI brakes", then you will just have to change out the caliper to the 94 Honda civic SI w/ABS SI caliper.

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