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Is header wrap on an h-pipe considered exhaust modification?


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maybe the WHOLE pipe or something, but just the area around the trans (way in the rear) I can't imagine anybody making a fuss.


I know some guys run it, and running against me, I'd never make a fuss about it. there is no way that is ever going to show up on a dyno

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Exactly.... I'd never make a fuss about it either, but I do want to be legal. I'd forgo wrapping the whole thing and just wrap from the rear spring mount back if I can.... I can put heat shielding on the underside of the tunnel plate for the rest.... but that crap is expensive.... we spent like $250 on it to put on the driver's side floor pan of the panoz (underside). At VIR last summer it was so hot that I kept having to pick my heels up off the floor.

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I would never consider header wrap a "mod". I wrapped my pipes near the tranmission, but did a crappy job so most of it has came off since.

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  • National Staff
I've emailed the national TT director to get a final answer on this.


Where's Greg on this topic?

Here I am



BTW, Mark was correct.


And, this does not mean that you can wrap your intake piping without taking points.

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