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(SOLD) 1960 Austin Mini For Sale (SOLD)


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1960 MK1 Mini For Sale

Located in East Peoria, Illinois.



1380 cc A+ block

Rod Change gearbox

Dual HS4 carbs with ITG filters, billet velocity stacks

Dual Core radiator with aux. electric fan for stop and go traffic

1.5:1 Billet roller rockers

Kent 286 cam

Maniflow Large bore LCB header

Custom Maniflow / Hoerdemann RC40 side-exit exhaust

Mocal aux. oil cooler

Remote oil filter

New Alternator conversion

Pertronix ignition

Aldon distributor

Lucas gold coil

Redbull coil cover

Moroso Clutch housing breather

Moroso Vented Oil catch can mounted in driver’s front fenderwell



Body and interior:

Steel flip front with separate bonnet

Curley Carbon Fiber Mille Miglia wheel arches

Twin fuel tanks

Twin Hella spot lights

Autopower 4-point rollbar with removal harness bar

Honda Civic Si front seats

3-Gauge binnacle with Speedo, Water Temp and Oil pressure gauges (all Smiths instuments)

Smiths tachometer

3-Point seatbelts for driver and front passenger for street driving

Autopower camlock 4-point harness for driver’s side for “spirited” driving

Euro orange and red rear combo lenses

Austin Cooper “S” badges



Brakes and Suspension:

Minisport 4-pot front calipers with EBC Green Stuff pads

Front cross-drilled 7.9” brake discs

Stock drums with spacers in the rear

New Performance rear brake shoes from Minimania

Poly bushings

Hi-lo suspension adjusters front and rear

Competition cones

Spax adjustable shocks

10”x7” Interceptor aluminum wheels with fresh Yokohama A032R tires

Front and rear frame tie-downs for fastening to trailer

Rear adjustable camber brackets

Front fixed camber brackets (-1.5 I think)

New rear wheel bearings (both sides)

New right side rear stub axle




I’ve had this Mini a little over a year and a half. I bought it from an engineer in Columbus Ohio who had owned the car for a little less that a year. He bought the car from a gentleman in Florida who did much of the work to the car in the 25 years he had owned it. I’ve tuned the car some, done a few performance upgrades and enjoyed it very much in the time I’ve had it. It’s been relatively trouble-free (for an old British car) - needing just a few normal maintenance items here and there such as coolant hoses and rear brake shoes.


I’ve autocrossed the car several times locally and taken it to one track day. While it’s not very competitive in the modified class it has to run in SCCA autocross (due to all the upgrades), it surprises more than a few people. The car weighs only 1300 lbs and puts out (conservatively) around 80-90 hp. It’s fast for what it is... but not “fast” by modern car standards. Times at the local events place it in the upper half of the field against much more modern machinery.


The car has been featured several times in Grassroots Motorsports magazine (I have a copy of one of the articles that will go with the car), as well as a rock band photo and video shoot (I also have pics and video of that I will send along with the car as well).


I have an extensive photo archive of the car in the time I’ve owned it, and will include a DVD with these images.


Known issues:

The car looks pretty good from a few feet away - but up close, the age of the paint (I’m told it was painted 20+ years ago) shows. There are a few dings and chips here and there... but it still gets more looks and smiles than lots of cars at the local cruise-ins. It could stand a repaint if you’re picky... but I kinda like the “patina.”


There is one rusty spot on the passenger front floorboard that I am aware of. The car has been stored in a heated garage and never driven in the salt while I’ve owned it, so it’s never been an issue. Replacement floor panels are readily available from aftermarket companies such as Minimania. My plan had been to replace that piece along with a full repaint this next winter. I just hadn’t bought the panel yet.


Also - I’ve not been able to get both rear wheels to lock up with the parking brake after some adjustment both at the brake handle and at the shoe adjuster end of the system. I suspect it might be due to a seized cable quadrant on the rear subframe... but I haven’t investigated the issue carefully. I’m not talented enough to warrant hand brake turns, so I haven’t spent much time worrying about this issue.


Don’t buy this car if you’re an introvert. But, if you don’t mind getting points and smiles and everyone stopping you to ask questions and get a closer look every time you get gas, stop for food, or just stop at a light - then this is the car for you. I’d prefer to sell the car to someone that knows what they are getting into rather than someone that “thinks it’s cute.” This “cute” little car - like all older cars - needs frequent attention and can be frustrating if you’re not a hands-on wrencher (or willing to become one).


I’m asking 9200.00 OBO.


Please don’t hesitate to email if you have questions!


Thanks -









More Pics:


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Great video - one of my favorites. I've very familiar with Achim and his ringmini. I'm in the process of building a similar car (one of the main reasons I'd like to sell the one in this ad).


I actually even have Sabine Schmidt's autograph on the helmet I use for track days.

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