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SoCal TOYO TIRES bucks!

Tim Comeau

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Just waiting for one more address to mail in the forms for tire dollars from Buttonwillow. Should be plenty of time to get tires before Nat's.


Comeau $250

Palmer $200

Agoston $150

Foxx $150

Richmond $25

Hirsch $25


It all helps to make the racing cheaper.

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OK, forms filled out for the July event at Cal Speedway by yours truly as a service to the SoCal 944 spec class.


Palmer $300

Foxx $200

Comeau $100

Hirsch $100 .....and a bottle of Whiskey!

Agoston $75

Niedernhofer $25

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Hey I think Tyler should give me half of his Toyo Bucks for selling him such a great car. He can keep the other half for driving it so well.


Tyler you know your not supposed to pass the 09 Champion at the nationals since your a rookie right?





Boy I need something to do, I am sooooo bored.

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