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ALL SoCal Racers have the 944 Spec patch on their suit?

Tim Comeau

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Dire consequences if you show up to Cal Speedway with no 944 Spec patch being proudly displayed on your driving suit! I bought and handed out patches to everyone. I have 2 left. If you need one, sound off.

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Dire, dire, dire consequences.


Something along these lines.............

.....You'll be forced to drink bud light from a baby bottle after the races.

.....You'll be made to wear a T shirt around the 944 Spec paddock that says, "I love 944 Cup." And you will enjoy the beatings that you receive.

.....I'll have your cool suit water hoses plumbed into your radiator.


Or maybe all 3 of the above?


944 Spec




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Ok, guys...

I'm trying to practice what I preach here....

Anybody else tried IRONING ON the 944 Spec patch? It looks like it has some kind of clear plastic on the back surface that I thought was adhesive,-- and someone told me they were iron on, but....it ain't workin'!


Throw me a bone here....

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Tim, I ironed mine on. I think I recall one of the patches started coming off after the first wash but I re-ironed and haven't touched it since.

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Does this mean if I get a patch, I have to race?


Dang Tim I want a patch!


Are you at CS this weekend? Save one for me . . .


Isn't it funny what racers will do to get a $1.25 medal or a $10 trophy?


See you all there this weekend . . .

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