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Brand New Full Tread R888's


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225/45-15 Toyo R888's:


Full Tread Set

-Currently mounted on bronze 15x7 Falken Hanabi's

-Never used, never even been on the car

-Full tread (6/32")

-Bought, mounted, and balanced by Phil's Tire Service

-Kept indoors

-Perfect for autocross or HPDE (you can run them full tread in dry too)

-$850 mounted/balanced on Hanabi's + shipping (~$60) or $350 for tires (preferred) + shipping (~$40)



I bought these at the end of last year when we were still running R888's, now we switched to the Toyo RA-1 exclusively, otherwise I would keep these.


These would be fine in rain or dry, we ran full tread R888's in 2009 in the dry with great results (they are only 6/32" at full tread).


The price mounted/balanced may seem high...I like my wheels, and don't want to give them away. But if you are willing to pay what they are worth to me, you can buy everything ready to go.


I am doing the NASA NE (Pocono, NJMP, Watkins Glen), some Mid-Atlantic (Summit, VIR), and ECHC (Mid-Ohio, Road Atl) schedule this year, and can meet you at any of these events to waive the shipping cost.

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What car are the wheels from?

To answer your question, the wheels are from the coolest H2 Honda Challenge car in the area:






Here's the wheels and another set of full tread R888's from last year before we got all sponsored and stickered up:



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