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FS: Cobra Imola S Race Seat - $300

Michael Alsip

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I have a Cobra Imola S for sale that I just picked up used about 2 months ago. I had an opportunity to pick up a head restraint seat for a fair deal, so I'm selling what was my driver's seat. It's a fiberglass composite with good covers and padding. There are two very small rips in the seat near where the seat belt receiver would go. I thought about patching them but there's really no reason to do it. They're not bad at all.


Also, this seat had a seat brace on it from the previous owner, so there is a hole directly in the middle of it for the brace. This is very typical of a seat that has been used for racing, though.


Overall, this is a very comfortable FIA approved seat (expired for most racing series) that will serve someone very well for years to come. Please PM me if you're interested. I have some Momo aluminum seat brackets that you may be interested in as well.


Asking $300. I paid $350 for it a couple of months ago.


Rear View (Left Seat)




Front Quarter View




More pics:








I have buddies traveling to Autobahn this weekend and I could probably stick this with them if you're interested in making a swap there and saving on shipping. I'm guessing it would be about $50 to ship this thing, but I could be wrong. If you're interested in me shipping it, let me know and we'll work something out.


Thanks for looking. Give me a bump if you made it this far!

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Looks like we missed the boat for this weekend. I believe I will have friends at Mid-Ohio next weekend as well if anyone is interested.


Also, don't hesitate to toss me a good offer for a trade or something either.

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