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Question about mounting Sparco seat in a CRX


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Hey guys/gals,


I'm upgrading my seat to a Sparco Pro ADV seat (with side mounts). With the Sparco seat base and Sparco side mounts at the lowest setting, the seat sits too high and my helmet is just about touching the ceiling.


As I see it, I have a couple of options:

1. Get custom made side mounts that sit a bit lower (maybe that'll get me an inch of additional clearance)

2. Remove the OEM seat mounting humps and custom weld steel plates to the floor and surrounding structure and bolt the side mounts directly to that. I think this is my best option.


How have you CRX and Civic guys handled this? Any pics of your setup would be greatly appreciated.




Mike C.

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Option #2 is your only option from what I have seen and done to fit a seat in a Civic correctly. But instead of using plates I run two pieces of angle or channel from the rocker to the tunnel, makes for a much stronger platform for the seat. To get the seat as low as possible, the right front mounting point will pass through both the angle or channel and the floor itself. At that point the angle or channel is only the metal thickness of the horizontal section in height.

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Thanks for the replies, guys. I figured #2 was my best option. Do you have any pics of your setup?



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