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Hello from a Newbie - any Miata TT'ers?


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A quick Hello from a Time Trial Newbie. Lots of racing experience (SCCA road racing) a few years ago but took some time off. Getting back on track with TT. Researching rules and procedures.


- I plan on running in the Northeast or Great Lakes. I'm in Western NY, which seems to be in between the two.


- Building a 1991 Miata for TTE, keeping it dual purpose (TT and Street) for now.

- Hard Dog Hard Top Hard bar

- Koni Sport Shocks

- Working on finding a seat.


Any other Miata TT'ers in the Northeast/Great Lakes?


See you on Track, Scott G. (Rochester, NY)

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Welcome to the sport.


I'm in Florida and ran TTE for a couple of years. Several SM racers would join us from time to time. Now in TTD with mild boost.

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I can't speak for the Northeast region, but here in the Great Lakes region we have a few drivers that come out in Miatas from time to time. The competition is usually pretty good in that class here (roughly .6 seconds separated first to last at our last event) and we tend to get decent car counts, especially at the Mid-Ohio events. Once point of advice I will give you when classing your car is that if you have a limited slip diff. you will have to take points for it. That is hands down the most overlooked modification for Miatas. PM me if you have any questions or if I can do anything to help you get started with us.

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