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ACC Sun Thunder race video - Elephant Motorsports GTS3 BM3


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Well it was nice to get back to ACC, have not raced there - or even driven there I don't think - since last July. Weather left a little to be desired but it was nice all around. Camping was super, I think that's the way to go. Well, maybe I'd think differently if it rained a lot. Cold showers....whatever, it is what it is. ; )


So after the drive from hell I arrived in time to see about the 3rd lap of the enduro. I quickly changed since I was co-driving with Julian in his GTS2 car. Unfortunately when I got it there were some issues. We discovered a failed motor mount. Luckily we got a spare set brought over by our ever ready crew man Carlos, thanks dude. Got that changed out Sat AM so Julian could make qualifying. Sweet.


Te race on Saturday was good, pole in GTS3, lead flag to flag but some good racing in there. Roy edged me out for the GTS3 lap record by 0.014secs....1:36.752 I think it was, congrats Roy! Though it was short lived as I took it back on Sunday with a 1:36.561. Sorry Roy. ; ) But as you can see in the video (for those that weren't there) Roy got the 1st place sticker on this day....so I guess we split the weekend up pretty well then. Ironically we both suffered from some fuel starvation on Sunday near the very end, I suppose that sort of evened out. Only real downer was the out of class car that decided to decide the GTS3 outcome before the checker, fairly annoying but whatever I guess.


It was great close racing, clean as it should be, very fun. I have not raced that hard for awhile and it was nice to be back to it. Thanks for the good racing Roy! And Vince sorry for all your damn ACC troubles, sheesh. I really hope you come back in Sept so we can all have a go again but this time with you in the mix. Sorry bud. I don't recall how much we talked about clutch stuff but gimme a shout and I'll let you know my thoughts.


As always thanks to Dave Royce and Bryan Cohn for a superbly run event. And thanks to all the other NASA staff, most of whom I don't know yet but I will, and ACC staff that made it such a fabulous event. Can't wait til the next one though by way of scheduling conflicts it probably won't be til Mid Ohio in August (crossing fingers on that one). I do plan to be back in Sept and then at Putnam in Oct.


Here's the vimeo link: NASA Thunder Race - Sunday, July 18th, Autobahn


This video file is ~1GB so it might take time to download. But it's 720p HD so full screen it and love it!


Cheers all.

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