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Mustang wreck from autobahn


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My fast lap of the weekend was during the lap before this happened, and I didn't even think about having the wreck on video until I got home and was looking through my footage. Here ya go:



It appears that I stay in the throttle way too long, but to explain:

1. I had cars behind me that appeared to be on a hot lap, and didn't wanna slow down too much without knowing if they were looking far enough ahead.

2. I was on a cool down lap and headed into the pits, and nowhere near full-tilt through 11/12. Just fast enough to stay out of the cars behind me's way.

3. I was watching the wreck happen before it comes into the frame of the video, and it appeared to be such a low speed that I had zero expectations of him bouncing back onto the track.


To the owner, glad you're OK! That's a bad angle to have a hit. Hope you get the car back together quickly and without too much trouble!

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From my untrained eye, when I follow the skidmarks as far back as possible, it looks like the driver got his money's worth out of the left-side apex curbing and may have upset the car at that point. The skidmarks start as the car would have cleared the curbing, and look as if they continue around the corner, as the car could have been oversteering/drifting at that point. There is a short break in the skidmarks, whether the driver upshifted or otherwise just plain backed off the gas, and then the skidmarks start again, with the driver likely on the brakes (there are now 4 skidmarks, not just 2, but it is going sideways at that point), and go off to the right.


If the car was oversteering coming out of a left-hander, with the steering cranked to the right, and something was done to transfer weight to the front tires (braking, letting off the gas, etc.) without straightening out the steering, then the fronts would likely bite and immediately send the car in that direction. Been there, done that, bent the car.



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