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944 bolt in cage


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I don't have a cage but if you are making a racecar then go weld in. If it is for a track day car and still has interior then the bolt in is the way to go.


Heres the place to buy one pre-cut and fitted for a 944. Looks to be the best deal and good quality.



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If you are located in Calif the Lemons head tech inspector does cages pretty cheap. Can't remember his name right now.


Otherwise the Hankville cage is way better than a bolt in.


Eitherway have fun and good luck.

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I know Lemons cars are supposed to be $500 cars. However that does ot include safety gear.


A 944 spec cars costs only about $2k more than Lemons car when you include all the "free stuff" you can do in Lemons. That money goes into suspension (springs, t-bars, swap bars & shocks). Plus a 944 spec car will last for years rather than just one event.

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Buy a bolt-in....use it for the Lemons race....then you'll have gotten the bug for more 944 racing....move the cage to a 944Spec car...spend the money you saved on other safety gear like a fire system.


The bolt-in's don't fit as well but I think they are plenty safe if installed right, and you can add reinforcement if you want. I decided to go with Autopower's bolt-in not just because it was the cheapest option, but because replacement cars can be had pretty cheap. I figured if I had something catastrophic happen to the car that didn't affect the cabin, I could transfer the cage to a new tub cheaper than fixing the car or installing a new weld-in cage in a new tub.

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