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AI/World Challenge GTS Class


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If it weren't for Mustang Challenge closing up, the GTS class would hardly have anyone running in it. It should make it a little more fun to watch on TV now.

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The mustangs did pretty well out there. They are too heavy to really compete in GTS right now, especially on the toyo tires. However, it was my understanding from talking to Jim Daniels that the mustang guys agreed to run in Challenge trim since they have more races left his year. If some Camaro's and Chargers get out there, it just might be a great pony car war!


Yes, the Ford "support" is a joke, but at least these guys have a venue to race their cars.

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I think the last thing anyone is doing is dumping AI. Just gives us a cool choice every now and then.


Also I do think it is Goodyears new tire and if so and with extra power you could likely leave them in direct GTS trim and run ST2 with nothing changed at all.


Next few months will be interesting to see but after Mid-Ohio meetings it seems clear they want more mustangs, camaro's, etc.. running with them and if they can make it cheap and easy to get 10-15 mustangs in they are all over that solution. They only need 3 seconds a lap at mid-ohio.


But dump a few hundred pounds and add 75rwhp and get wider tires under there and that certainly will narrow the gap at least damn close to that...


Good news is it should allow great development for the new 5.0 if several of us run in both classes and a full race season in both AI and GTS. That helps everyone in the long run.

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