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c5 z06 class, racing qs


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My name is scott, I have a 01 z06. I wanna start racing more in class racing. Would st2 be good? I wanna keep the motor, cluch, drivetrain stock just reliable. Want more seat time. Any thoughts or tips would be great.

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Couple of suggestions - don't change a darn thing in the car until you can make it "dance" on the track with street tires.

Then read and understand the CCR's and rules for the class you want to compete in. Ask questions of the folks you meet at the track, especially the guys running in the calsses above and below where you think you want to be.

Then put the tires you would run in that class on the car and drive it until you can feel everything the tires, car and track are telling you.


Then go out and buy someone else's race car - it will cost much less.


If you are really intent in modifying your own car then the conversations with others will prove invaluable.

Also check out the autocross and road racing section of the corvette forum.

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