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BBS Motorsports e26 (5x120, 17x10), Yokohama A032R 255-40-17


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Selling some stuff to lighten the load somewhat. I'm moving to CO Springs next week, and can bring them with me if someone wants them (and to avoid paying shipping). If they don't sell, they'll be going in storage until I get my own garage again.


Set of four 17x10 BBS motorsports e26 wheels. Finish on the centers isn't perfect, but there is no rash or or bends or anything other than some paint chips. Was hoping to put these on my e36, but I think my 9" set will have to do for now... I do also have a set of 1" lips to convert them to 9" wheels, not sure if I want to sell those or keep them for spares however. I weighed one of the wheels, and it was 17.6# on a shipping scale (a 10" wheel, not a 9"). Backspace is about 6.7" and it fits in the rear of an e36 pretty nicely, or at least it appeared to with no tire on it. Will require spacers in the front, 16mm was too much, you may be able to use a 12mm. They were originally rear wheels for an e46, I think Koni challenge (I've had them for a while). Also the mounting pads are very thick, so you will probably need very long bolts or a stud kit. $2500


The tires are Yokohama A032R, build date 0303 on all four tires, all 255-40-17. Bought from Phil's Tire, plenty of tread left, stored in my garage out of sunlight, no extreme temps, etc. I'd like $200 for them.


I also have a set of BBS RM, with the bolts removed to replace the bent lips. I was told when I bought them that the barrels were true and round. I took the bolts out and never got around to buying replacement lips, so they are still together. I have all of the bolts (soaking in WD-40) and four centercaps (minus the BBS logos). 15x6.5 et33 RM012, standard issue RM in what looks like original paint. The lips are bent (more than just a ding, would not hold air) and would need repair or replacement. I'd like $600.


Everything is in Goleta, CA and I can meet in Santa Barbara or Goleta until Thursday (July 29), cash or paypal, shipping at buyers expense, etc. PM me here, or email Hammer03 (at) Pacbell.net



Anyway, everyone loves pictures:


Motorsports wheels:































probably the worst one, bend is only in the lip:


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