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Tim Comeau

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New for 2005!

The Series Directors in NASA SoCal and NASA AZ have agreed on a 4 race series to determine a South West 944-spec Champion!

THE FIRST EVENT WILL BE AT FONTANA ON MARCH 12-13. Registration is open now. Do you guys want to pit by the fuel station again?

The above event will otherwise be a normal race weekend. We'll just keep track of the points for the Inter-Regional race series as well.

We'll designate 4 regularly scheduled events during the year, 2 in AZ, 2 in SoCal, as South West Championship events. These are not additional dates. The remaining 3 are to be determined asap.


In the recent NASA emailer, Ryan announced that there would be 30 additional minutes of track time per day. It's at the end of the day and might be good for some testing, but hey, it's nice. Maybe we can get him to shift it to the morning so we could use it for testing before qualifying? We just keep making it better, don't we?


Those attending Fontana:

T. Comeau-SoCal

G. Gormelly-PHX

J. Paluch-PHX

D. Scott-SoCal

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Hey guys,

Sounds like a lot of fun. Don't know if I'll be race ready then. Today I chose to stay in town, go to the PCA AX, but got involved in a multiple car collision on the 15 this morning. The 5 pts and racing seats really helped! I think I am going to need some more numbers, Tim...and a new hood, headlights, R front quarter panel. When I am able to get the hood off, I'll know more about the real damage. The hood lock post broke off some of the plug wires and the car is too low to tell what's been done to the suspension. Ya know, sometimes the scariest part of racing IS driving to the track!

Blue skies,


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Thanks to the 5 pts and racing seats, we aren't even sore-so far. And the car lives. Replaced the distributor cap this morning and it started. Even the radiator is still in tact. Phil is at the junkyard right now looking for parts.


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Rain on Toyos is always an exciting stint of pussyfooting! Makes you sensitive on the wheel and teaches you to look farther ahead. My last drive home from BW was nerve racking!

Let us know if you need any help, Jackie.

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