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Pre-Order/Contingency Goodyear Tires for NASA Championships

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Don't forget to pre-order your Goodyear Racing tires for the NASA National Championship in Salt Lake City September 16-19. Goodyear Racing offers a wide variety of Slicks and DOT- Radials for your racing needs. For specs please go to www.racegoodyear.com. For pre-orders please email or call Jason at jswift@carrollshelbyent.com or 702-430-5160. Here is our contingency program for the NASA Championships.


Goodyear Tire

2010 NASA National Championship Racing Contingency Program

Program Name: 2010 Goodyear Tire NASA National Championship Racing Contingency Program


Payout Schedule 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place

13 or more starters 4 Free Tires 2 Free Tires 1 Free Tire

6 or more starters 2 Free Tires 1 Free Tire

5 or more starters 2 Free Tires



Duration: 2010 NASA National Championship Race


Requirements: Participants may register for this program with their onsite Goodyear dealer.




1. To be eligible for this program, competitors must be using Goodyear Racing Tires on all four wheel positions.

2. Decals Requirement: YES (Drivers suit patch is also required).

3. # of Decals: 3.

4. Location: A minimum 17” decal must be placed on each side of the vehicle and one on the front. No

competing tire decals allowed on vehicle.

5. Decal and drivers suit patch availability: Decals and patches are available from your trackside Goodyear race tire dealer or from Drivers Information.


Class Eligibility: AIX, PTA, PTB, PTC, PTD, PTE, PTF, ST1, ST2, STR1, STR2, SU


Award Details: A minimum of 5 starters are required in a class to claim a 1st place award.

A minimum of 6 starters are required in a class to claim a 2nd place award.

A minimum of 13 starters are required in a class to claim a 3rd place award.

Contingency forms must be completely filled out and turned into your trackside Goodyear Race Tire


Competitors can only collect award from a single class result at the Championship event.

Copies of the official race results must be supplied to the Goodyear Dealer or Sub-Dealer in the chapter

area. A certificate will be issued for the tire(s) awarded to the competitor via the mail. Please note this

certificate must be redeemed by Dec. 1, 2010. No registration forms will be accepted after 11/30/10.

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