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Video Camera w/o roll bars?


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Hi there,


Been a nasa member for a few months and am getting ready for my first HPDE.


I saw the unsafe camera mount in an earlier thread, and was wondering if there is a safe way to mount a video camera in a car with out a roll cage (we have an I/O Port one for the race car, but I'll be driving a street car to this event)




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I'm not sure exactly what your after, but I/O Port sells a "Harness Guide Bar", and also a camera mount that attaches to the B pillar. They are adjustable, so they fit many cars.

Also, http://www.racerpartswholesale.com sells two different style mounts for the headrest. I don't now how good they are, or if anyone would let you use them.



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I am using a mount that I made. It is a peice of 1" stock that mounts to the passenger seat head rest posts with two u bolts and some wing nuts. It extends to just about midway between the driver and passenger. The camer mount is bolted to the stock. The camer sits on the mount. It works, OK. I thin that there is too much vibration in the camera. The seat tends to wobble. For starters and a quick mount, try it. It took me about 20 minutes to build with about $10 worth of stuff from home depot and a $20 mount from the camera store.


I am building different one that mounts to the rear deck of the car so there will be no wobbling.

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