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1974 AMC Javelin build

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so this car is still a thing. been through a ton with it over the years...


I'm looking to make some improvements and want to lower the car. AI rules say rockers can be 5" off the ground. Car started at 9". After a couple of years I got 2" drop spindles and shorter springs and got the car to 7". Now I want to try to lower it one more inch...


lowest point on the car is the oil pan. It's an Aviad road race pan and I'm not aware of an off the shelf pan that is more shallow.


so, I thought about RAISING the motor an inch and then lowering the car an inch. My questions are:


1. I assume getting lower is better but since I don't have my suspension geo mapped out I don't really know where my roll center is now or where it will be if I lower an inch.


2. is raising the motor, relative to the chassis, bad IF it's at the same height relative to the ground?


3. what is the minimum ground clearance you would run for stuff under the car (exhaust, bellhousing, oil pan, etc?)


here's a diagram of what I'm trying to do. is this a path to an improved car or will I make things worse? thanks for any help with this!



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