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2006-2010 Mazda MX-5 OEM and Race Parts for Sale

Eric Rosenberg

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We've just sold our last MX-5 race (2006-2010) car and need to clear the shop of a TON of great spares at incredible prices. Please review the list below for incredible deals:


(1 set) Full set of brake calipers -front & rear ($400.00)

(2) New OEM front rotors (NF4Y-33-25X) ($50/rotor)

(2) New OEM rear rotors (NF47-26-251) ($45/rotor)

(2) Used OEM front rotors ($20/rotor)

(2) Boxes of 4 NGK Laser Iridium plugs (ILTR6A-13G) ($40/box)

(1) Box of 4 stock OEM Mazda plugs (ILTR5A-A) ($32/box)

(2) Boxes of 4 Autolite Iridium plugs (XP5364) ($40/box)

(4) Sets Hawk Blues – Rear (HB523E.539) ($70/box)

(2) Sets Hawk DTC-60 – Front (HB522G.565) ($75/box)

(1) Set Hawk HT10 – Front (HB522S.656) ($75/box)

(5) Sets of used -bedded Hawk pads (1-FT blue, 1FT, HT, 2-FT DTC, 1RR Blue) ($30/box)

(2) OEM stock clutch disks - Exidy brand (LF04-16-460A) ($50/disk)

(1) Rear cam cover with seal (LF01-11-310) ($25)

(1) Power steering pump near new ($45)

(1) New alternator - no pulley ($120)

(2) Front hubs - 2,000 miles ($60/set)

(2) Set of front hubs - 900 miles ($80/set)

(2) Used front hubs – unknown miles ($40/set)

(2) New rear hubs ($75/hub)

(2) New front hubs ($75/hub)

(2) New rear hub bearings - huge – (FB01-26-1591C) ($45/bearing)

(1) New OEM clutch pressure and disk – Exidy (LF04-16-460A) ($200/set)

(1) New ACT Pressure plate

(1) New stock OEM Pressure plate ($125)

(1) Slightly used OEM Pressure plate and disk ($135/set)

(1) Quartermaster Brand OG-2 New Pressure plate

(1) Lightly used OEM clutch disk ($50)

(4) OEM motor mounts (2-NE55-39-040C, 2-NE55-39-050C) ($25/mount)

(1) Engine brackets (new) mounts to rear of motor - cast aluminum (NE55-39-030A)($35/new)

(1 set) Set of used Michelin tires - Pilot Preceda - 240 Treadwear, AA Traction, A Temp - 205/45R17 (15,000 miles on the tires) ($140/set)

(1) Open Diff - Base model – 400 miles of street use ($300)

(1) Hood – galvanized ($150)

(1 set) Pair of front fenders – galvanized ($75/fender)

(1 set) Pair of doors – galvanized (

(1) Rear trunk lid - Blue

(1) Front bumper complete with lites and grills - Silver

(4) OEM exhaust manifolds/headers with built-in catalytic converters ($70.00 each)

(2) OEM mufflers (new) ($75.00 each)

(1) OEM seat (one driver’s side) nearly brand new ($250.00)

(1) OEM soft top and mounting hardware (black) ($850.00)

(1) Passenger side air bag ($60.00)

(1) OEM radiator ($40.00 each)

(1) Set of OEM stock springs ($50.00)

(1) Set of OEM stock springs ($50.00)

(1) Set of OEM front and rear sway bars ($50/set)

(1) Box of interior plastic pieces ($40.00)

(1) Rear plastic piece with trunk switch ($10.00)

(1) New driver’s side door panel ($50.00)

(1) Right side passenger seat belt ($20.00)

(1) Mazda center caps ($10.00)

(1) Trunk light and switch ($5.00)

(1) Trunk opener switch ($2.50)

(1) Center console cup holder assembly ($15.00)

(1) 1st Generation rear view mirror (scratched, needs paint) ($5.00)


The only think I can't ship are the large body panels and convertable top, everything else I can package and get out to you. I can even get you these parts in time for the NASA Nationals and the SCCA Run-offs!


Call or drop me an e-mail.








[email protected]

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