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Carbotech Contingency for Nationals 2010

Eric W.

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Danny @ Carbotech announced this today and I had him include GTS:



2010 NASA Nationals PAYOUT SCHEDULE 1st-10th Place finishers.

Classes: GTS, Honda Challenge; Spec Miata; Factory Five Cobra; CMC 1 & CMC 2; American Iron; Spec E-30



1st Place: $1100 Carbotech Caravan Canopy (10x15) and 2011 Product Sponsorship (10 axle sets w/contract).

2nd Place: $350 Carbotech Certificate.

3rd Place: $300 Carbotech Certificate.

4th Place: $200 Carbotech Certificate

5th Place: $175 Carbotech Certificate

6th Place: $150 Carbotech Certificate.

7th Place: $125 Carbotech Certificate.

8th Place: $100 Carbotech Certificate

9th Place: $75 Carbotech Certificate.

10th Place: $50 Carbotech Certificate



Decals Required: YES

Number of decals: 4 decals. Need to have Carbotech decals on all sides (front, rear, and both sides). Call or email Carbotech if you need decals.

Class must have no less than five cars in the class that start the National Championship race (must take the green).

Need to have a Carbotech patch on your drivers suit.

Need to show pictures at Miller Motorsports Park with Carbotech decal in clear view. *It has to be obvious that you are at Miller in the picture.

NO competing decals

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