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(6) - 275/35/18 Hankook Z-214 C91 Compound


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I have 6 of these used tires in a 275/35/18. They are in good shape and I have 6 available for $800 ($150/tire vs MSRP=$300ea). $600 if you want the 4 best tires (although they are all pretty similar).


There are just some rocks from the VIR paddock, but otherwise they are all very usable tires with substantial tread left. The 2nd tire from the top (2nd photo) has an "extra" line where I had a little inner-fender rubbing, but it intersects the wear marker holes and it is not as deep as those.


The two attached photos are from a stack of 6 tires in my garage. The middle two tires in the stack are in both photos.





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how much track time, i.e., 3 - 25 min. heat cycles....


How many heat cycles?


Sorry for the delayed response....


Average ~4 HC per tire.


And lets not forget that's 4 HC on a FWD car that's super easy on tires.... I can get a 2-3 weekends out of these since I rotate and flip tires.

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I didn't think you were gonna make it to Rd Atl Doug?


It's only a 90 minute drive... I can make the trip on Sat or Sun for a good cause (like selling some tires...)


I can even have them there when you arrive if you are coming on Thursday or Friday.

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