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Which HDPE class?


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First post! Hi NASA!


This has probably been covered a thousand times for various scenarios, but I searched and didn't find anything relevant to my own.


I helped build and then subsequently race a ChumpCar earlier this year in Pueblo, CO ('90 Plymouth Laser Turbo FWD). It was a Double-Seven event, and I got about 3hrs of seat time over the weekend. Our team even placed 3rd on the first day. Prior to that, I had no closed-course racing experience...no SCCA or NASA of any sort. I felt quite comfortable passing and being passed, I own all the requisite safety gear, etc. I turned lap times within 6sec of the leaders and 30sec ahead of the laggers over the weekend, and never went off-roading. I recently purchased a Miata (the only cars out there with better times) and would like to have some fun with it.


Where do I fall in the HDPE lineup? If it's HDPE1, that's fine, I just want to make sure I sign up for the correct class within the organization based on my skill/comfort level vis a vis the NASA rules.


Thanks much!


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You should register for HPDE1. Sounds like you got some good seat time with the Chumpcar but NASA is very different from Chumpcar. If your instructor feels you know the basics required for solo, you could have a check ride to HPDE2 during your first NASA event. Best of luck!

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