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What will it cost to get my comp license?


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The last time I was involved with roadracing I was 20 that was 1968 and after doing the dirt sprintcar thing till 1988 I retired from racing to never race again. Never say never I got involved with some young guys at work building a car for 24hr of Lemons or Chump Car events and we raced it at Infineno in Jan this year and now I am going racing again. I bought a 1983 RX7 car that was raced in SCCA events (PRO 7) so now I need to get my comp license. Can anyone tell me what it will cost to get it and how long will it take. I know that I will have to go to different stages of class's to move up to the comp license I just don't know how much I will need to do this. I will be doing this in the area of Infineon I guess thats the Northern California region?

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Talk to the folks in charge of your region.


I've seen folks at one event in HPDE1 and a couple events later they have thier provisional license.

Read all the rules you can find.

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If you need more track time that just the Nasa events, then Norcal Racing club (NCRC) at http://www.ncracing.org is a good club to get more driving time at fairly low cost. I currently drive in Nasa Norcal HPDE-3 and have driven with NCRC a few times in their open group. I believe that NCRC usually has 5 sessions, so that is quite a bit of track time. They run pretty often at Thunderhill and occasionally at Laguna Seca. The only thing at Thunderhill, is that the NCRC events are usually for just one day vs a weekend for Nasa. Main thing, is that if you need more driving time on track in preparation for your license, then I recommend NCRC. Nasa HPDE-3, HPDE-4, and TT will be good though in that there will be a lot of passing etc to prep you for eventual racing, plus making sure that you're aware of everything on the track, plus flags, etc. If you have previous racing experience (and are smooth and show good awareness on track), then you should be able to get thru HPDE-1 and HPDE-2 pretty quickly. For the checkout ride from HPDE-2 to HPDE-3, you will also need to make sure that you are hitting the apexes, plus tracking out all of the way. When you get to HPDE-3, just make sure to stay on the racing line, and the faster car should pass you offline. During Nasa events, you can also ask to be a passenger in a HPDE-4 car to get a feel for that group - the instructors often drive in HPDE-4, so just hang around their parking area with your helmet say 10-15' before that session. If you are really good on track, then you can probably progress thru HPDE-1 thru HPDE-4, and then to TT, and then to racing fairly quickly, but doing all of that helps to make sure that you are predictable, and will be a safe driver on track. - Jim

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